Travel nurse salary survey: A few more places to go for Hawaii vacation

Travel nurses across the country are being asked to report their salary by U.S. Department of Labor officials, but they’re also being asked how they plan to handle the travel restrictions that have been put in place for this time of year.

Travel nurses in Hawaii and Hawaii, as well as some other states are reporting that their annual pay is being cut in half because of the restrictions imposed on their employers.

Hawaii has imposed a travel ban and a moratorium on all commercial flights in and out of the state since February, forcing many to stay home.

But some of those restrictions are being lifted for this weekend, with a few exceptions.

The Department of Health and Human Services says that it is reviewing the Hawaii restrictions, which were put in effect Feb. 12, as a result of a new directive from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The agency says it is making sure that all travel nurses in the state have sufficient vacation leave to go.

The travel ban will not be lifted until all workers in Hawaii can access vacation leave, said Michelle O’Connor, a Hawaii spokeswoman.

A few other states have instituted similar travel restrictions.

In Florida, the travel ban was lifted in mid-February, but some of the travel nurses there are still being asked for their salary reports, according to the Department of Transportation.

In Texas, the Department is asking nurses in its health care centers to submit salary reports by Feb. 17.

The Texas Travel Commission said it has begun an investigation into how the state’s restrictions affect travel.

A number of nurses in states that have imposed restrictions on travel say that they are not being asked their salary for this trip.

The California Nurses Association says that most of its members do not travel to Hawaii this year.

“I’ve never had to go back to Hawaii.

I’ve never seen a travel nurse go back there,” said Nancy Mott, the president of the California Nursers Association.

“So, it’s just a very different situation from being in the hospital, which is where I’m from.”

A spokeswoman for the Hawaii Department of Workforce Development said that Hawaii is not required to make any salary information available.

But it says it has not asked any travel nurses to submit their pay for the next two weeks.