Travel package alert: California travel restrictions due to earthquake and tsunami threat

California has issued a travel package advisory for Friday, warning people to take precautions before and during the earthquake and the tsunami.

The travel advisory is being issued for Friday and Saturday as the state faces increased risk of major earthquakes.

This is a reminder that people should take extra care and take precautionary measures before and after they plan to travel,” the California Department of Transportation said on its website.

Travelers should follow local laws, and not be on the same route as others, to minimize risks to other road users and avoid crowds.

In addition, motorists should be prepared for potential crowds on highways and public transportation.

If you need assistance, call 911 or the nearest police station. “

People should be on guard and do their best to remain calm and take precautions, including wearing appropriate safety gear, and avoiding crowds, according to the California Emergency Management Agency,” the agency said in a statement.

If you need assistance, call 911 or the nearest police station.

For information on how to prepare for a potential earthquake, visit the USGS Earthquake Resource Center.

The USGS says the epicenter is in the San Andreas fault zone, which extends from the Pacific Ocean west to the Mississippi River in Texas.