How to avoid Wisconsin travel restrictions

WISCONSIN — You can fly to the Big Ten Conference’s Wisconsin for the first time, but it won’t be easy.

A temporary restriction placed on flights to Wisconsin on Tuesday prohibits flights to five states: Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin.

The restriction was lifted for all flights to and from Wisconsin, but the restrictions do apply to commercial airlines that are based in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin residents flying on domestic airlines and those traveling by car can travel without a valid travel document.

However, you can still fly on any of the five states to Wisconsin for up to 48 hours and have an extra day to get back to the area.

Wisconsin Gov.

Brad Schimel, who signed the order Tuesday, said Wisconsin residents traveling on domestic carriers may be subject to an additional 48 hours restriction.

That means any time you travel on a commercial flight in Wisconsin, it must be in Wisconsin at the same time as you’re in Wisconsin to be able to return to the same area, he said.

You cannot fly to a Wisconsin airport while a domestic flight is in the air.

Travel restrictions apply to most Wisconsin residents, but Wisconsin residents on the state’s three regional carriers — Frontier Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines — will be exempt from the restrictions.

Travelers on Wisconsin’s regional carriers can fly on those carriers to and through Wisconsin with the exception of Michigan, which remains on the list of states to which all commercial air travel must go.

You can check out how to get around the restriction and how to take advantage of the travel restrictions here.

Wisconsin’s travel restrictions apply for most of the state, but residents on Frontier, Southwest and Delta are not affected.

Frontier will fly in the state with no restrictions on its flights to Michigan and Ohio.

Southwest will fly through Wisconsin in all weather conditions, and Delta will fly with no restriction on its trips to Wisconsin.

Minnesota and Ohio are not impacted by the restrictions, but those who want to travel to Wisconsin will need to apply for a travel permit.

Wisconsin residents may only fly on Frontier or Southwest or Delta if they have an air travel certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Federal Aviation Authority will issue the travel document to those who have a valid flight plan.

You can find out more information about the travel restriction here.

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