Nintendo’s New 3DS XL is more affordable than ever

By Tom Logan-Wilson and Evan Narcisse The Nintendo 3DS family of systems is now on sale for $299.99, a $50 savings over the console’s original $399.99 price tag.

This is a $60 discount from its original $599.99 retail price, which was $80 cheaper than it was on Amazon.

While the 3DS system still retails for around $200, the 3D XL will be priced $149.99 for the base model and $249.99 at the more expensive price point.

While that’s an improvement over the base price, you still can’t find the Nintendo 3D Lite model for $59.99 on Amazon right now.

Nintendo’s 3DS line includes the Nintendo DSi, DSi XL, and the 3ds with a 2DS XL bundle for $79.99.

The 3DS Lite will only be available on November 11 for $49.99 with a $10 discount off the retail price.

The Nintendo DS3 is still a $129.99 device.

The original DS3 was $99.99 when it launched in December 2008.

Nintendo released the 3rd-generation DSi in June 2010.

This year’s DSi is now $39.99 and can be preordered on Amazon for $69.99 right now for $199.99 off the original $299 price tag, a savings of nearly $50 off the current MSRP.

It’s not clear when the Nintendo Switch will come out, but the company says it will ship in October.

The Switch has a similar pricing model to the Nintendo Wii U as well as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The PS4 Pro is now available for $300 on Amazon with a 50 percent discount off of the retail $399 price tag that was previously listed at $499.99 as of October 10.

The Xbox One X is now only $199 on Amazon, down from $299 for the original Xbox.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is $399 on Amazon and available on preorder now for the same price.

Finally, you can now find a discount on the new Nintendo Switch for $50 on Amazon’s Nintendo website.

All in all, you’re now able to save $70 on the Nintendo Nintendo Switch at Amazon right here.