New Mexico travels to Peru, Bolivia, Brazil for vacation

New Mexico is back in the headlines again after a trip to Peru last year that sparked a new tourism boom in the state.

The New Mexico Travel & Tourism Department said Sunday that the state has recorded a new high number of travelers heading back to the US after a year of record numbers.

The state’s tourist season began in February, with the first-ever overnight stays by a Cubana bus.

The bus company’s president said the trip was part of a “cultural journey” that started with Cubana trips to Mexico City and ended in Chile.

The trip was one of the first to come in for criticism from local activists and the Trump administration, but Cubana defended its decision.

The company said that the trips were to raise funds for Cubana, the largest private company in the United States, and that it is “not responsible for the political unrest in the states of the United Kingdom and Mexico.”

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

A Cubana spokeswoman said the company has been traveling to Mexico for more than a decade and is “in contact with our Mexican partners and partners in Latin America.”