How do you get around travel restrictions in the UK?

UK travel restrictions are now in place for most countries, with the exceptions of the USA, Canada and Australia.

Read more The most common restrictions are a ban on domestic travel for a maximum of 30 days and a ban of flying for a minimum of two months.

However, in the past week, UK airports have been forced to temporarily lift the restrictions, and airlines including British Airways and Ryanair have said they will start offering some domestic flights.

However a UK government spokesman said the government would “continue to work with our airlines to ease these restrictions”. 

On Thursday, Ryanair, one of the UK’s biggest airlines, said it would be reopening the British Airways route from Manchester to London. 

British Airways is a subsidiary of Air France, which operates most of the world’s biggest air routes.

“We will be re-opening our routes from Manchester and London this weekend to allow more passengers to get back to work,” the airline said in a statement.

“The reopening of flights in this area has been planned for some time, and is not expected to impact the current timetable of scheduled flights.”

On Friday, the airline added that it will be offering some flights to the USA and Canada in the coming days.

The airline also said it is working with the government to re-open flights to Ireland. 

British Airways said in its statement that it had also been advised by the Department for Transport that it could fly to Australia on Saturday, the day after the EU summit, but it has not been informed of any plans for that. 

UK air traffic is expected to increase by a further 25,000 flights in the next six months, the latest figures from the Civil Aviation Authority show. 

The government has said it will review restrictions in September. Read more