What’s going on with Bunkhouse Travel? Weighing In

By Jessica Kourkounis, Bleacher Sports EditorThe new BunkHouse Travel trailer, as we know it, is now available to watch on YouTube.

The video was created by comedian and travel blogger Josh Weinstein, and was originally uploaded to YouTube in December of 2015. 

Josh has since made his way into the travel industry as a traveling comedian and has appeared on numerous travel shows including the Travel Channel and The Travel Channel 2.

Since his debut, Josh has gained over 3 million views to his YouTube channel, which has now accumulated over 2 million subscribers. 

Since his debut on YouTube, Josh’s career has taken off.

He has also been nominated for a Travel Channel Emmy Award, as well as a TravelChannel Travel Award for Best Travel Comedy Video, and has been featured on CNN and MSNBC. 

He is currently a contestant on the Travel Show Network, which premieres on February 6th at 8pm ET/PT on CNN. 

Bunkhouse is a travel destination that is designed to be the perfect fit for all.

Bunkhouses host is Josh Weinstein who has been traveling with his wife for almost three years now, and they recently got married. 

Weinstein says, “When we were doing this, we weren’t sure what we were going to do.

We knew we wanted to be at the center of something bigger, and that’s what we did.”

Josh and his wife, Amber, were inspired to make the Bunk house the perfect place for their two children, as they were traveling through Europe for their wedding. 

In their first two weeks in the Bunnies house, they visited nearly 40 countries, including: Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway and Spain. 

On their second trip, Josh and Amber visited Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, England, Denmark and Italy. 

“We went through the streets of Paris,” Josh recalls. 

While they did not visit the Grand Palais, Josh did see the famous Palais du Lion and they were inspired by the architecture and the natural surroundings. 

The Bunk houses, which are built like a boat, have been praised for their unique design, their unique layout, and for their ability to offer the perfect combination of luxury and comfort. 

After their second visit to the Bunks, Josh had an epiphany.

“I realized, ‘Why aren’t I living in this place?'”

Josh recalls of the Bunchys experience.

“That’s when I started making this trip.

I wanted to have that same feeling of being in this house and that same sense of being on a vacation.” 

The new trailer shows the Buns traveling to Spain for a family reunion and their first date in England. 

As Josh notes, “[the trailer] is definitely one of my favorite things to have done, because I really feel like it’s a reflection of where we are at now.

We’re going to the perfect spot for us to be in the world right now.” 

We have a lot of exciting news to share with you in the coming weeks.

For now, stay tuned. 

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