How to get around Utah travel restrictions

UTAH, Utah — Travel restrictions in the U.S. are beginning to bite, and many players are getting a taste of what the pain is.

Utah has been hit by a rash of recent wildfires, and the state has been working with the NFL on how to handle it.

The NBA announced Friday that it would be suspending the games of some players until next week, citing “federal and state restrictions on travel.”

“As a team, we’re disappointed in the timing and severity of this announcement,” the league said in a statement.

“The league and our league office will continue to work closely with state and local officials to provide all players with the appropriate information and guidance to understand and comply with federal and state laws and regulations.”

The NBA is the third sports league to suspend the Utah Jazz’s Jazz All-Star Game because of the wildfires.

The Jazz have already postponed the game.

The Utah Jazz announced Friday night that they would not play in Utah until further notice.

The NFL said the league is working with state officials to figure out how to get players into the U to travel to the state.

The league also said the NBA will have more information on its website about its travel restrictions and the Utah wildfires when it goes live on Saturday.