Marriott says it’s banning flights to Dubai after airport authorities banned flights to the country.

Marriott said Monday it will no longer allow international flights to or from Dubai.

The airline says it will begin a 90-day suspension of all travel to the United Arab Emirates, where Marriott operates the flagship Marriott International Hotel and Conference Center, as well as the company’s other hotels.

Marriott said it is suspending the booking of flights to and from the country, which includes Dubai.

The company’s travel advisory, which was issued after a travel advisory from the UK Travel Agency, warned of “an increased risk of disease and death” if international travelers are allowed to enter the country from December to February.

The advisory said that, while the risks are very low, people who travel to and return to Dubai should consider the following precautions:Avoid public transportation or public transport using taxis or private vehicles.

The UAE has been designated a priority travel destination by the U.S. and other governments.

The U.K. has issued similar warnings.

The company said it had been “fully monitoring the situation and has begun to review our policies and practices regarding travel to or return to the UAE.”

It added that it was working with the UAE authorities to develop a more detailed and comprehensive response.

The advisory does not indicate how the suspension will affect future travel.

The Marriott company has been criticized for allowing its hotels and conferences center to be used as the hub for a lavish, multi-billion dollar luxury resort project that has drawn criticism from residents of Dubai.

In a 2014 lawsuit, the city of Dubai accused Marriott of illegally using a portion of the resort complex to host a “tourist attraction” with the intention of generating income for the city.

The hotel and conference center project is set to be completed by 2021, but its owners have not yet committed to any new financing.

The Dubai Tourism Authority has not yet provided a timeline for when the hotel project will reopen.

In a statement, the company said that it had received no official notification from the government of the travel restriction.

Marriott’s Dubai travel advisory was issued on Dec. 11, and the company says it is still investigating the issue.