How to buy travel insurance in Canada

By Laura Leighton, Reuters Canada travel restrictions can now be applied to US citizens, including those living in Canada, with a new federal travel law.

This is the first time that a Canadian citizen has been granted a travel insurance policy to cover US citizens when travelling outside of Canada.

The Federal Court of Canada ruled in March that the law was unconstitutional as it discriminated against US citizens.

The Federal Court also ordered the Canadian government to allow the US government to apply for a waiver of the law, which the Canadian Government says will help US citizens and others in the US.

Canadian travel restrictions were already allowed in Canada and were a way to prevent US citizens from travelling outside Canada.

Under the law that came into effect in September, Canadians who travel abroad for work or school or have any of their dependents travel outside Canada to travel will need to purchase travel insurance.

“The policy will protect US citizens who do not meet the eligibility criteria for travel insurance,” the Canadian embassy said in a statement on its website.

“Travelers with valid travel documents will be able to obtain travel insurance as part of their coverage,” the statement added.

In its ruling, the Federal Court ruled that US citizens were not protected by the policy.

It said the policy did not protect US nationals who had been convicted of a crime, but only those who had entered Canada to visit family.

The Canadian Government said in its statement that it was disappointed with the ruling and would appeal the decision.

It is important to note that there is no right to travel outside of the US, nor is there any right to sue the US or Canada,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade said in the statement.”

We continue to work with the US Department of Justice to address this issue.

“Read more:US President Donald Trump says his administration is not blocking US citizens’ right to enter the countryThe ruling means that Americans will no longer need to travel to Canada to obtain a waiver, as the US has done previously.

A US appeals court last month overturned the ruling, saying the ban violated Americans’ rights.

In a statement, the American Embassy in Canada said that the decision “is yet another example of Trump administration hostility to US-Canadians and Canadian interests.””

As we work with Canada to ensure the health and safety of our citizens, we will continue to vigorously defend the rights of American citizens in Canada,” it said.”

There are many other Americans living in the United States who have a similar travel policy to Canadians, who are subject to US travel restrictions,” it added.

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