How to get the most from your next road trip

The first thing I do when I get off the plane is look at the destination.

And the places where I’m going are going to be the places that are going be most valuable.

I look for things that make me feel connected to the place, that help me stay connected to my culture, that have something that I can touch, that I want to feel a connection with, or to the people.

The place I’m staying, for me, is a little bit of a blank slate.

And it’s a blank space that I like to create.

In some ways, it’s just another day in my life.

But in some ways it’s my home.

It’s a little odd, but I think it makes me feel like I have a connection to my community, to my country.

Because when I travel, I feel connected.

When I get home, I want it to be good.

It’s good to feel that connection.

I can see it in the people around me, and I can feel it in their faces, in their bodies, in the way they walk.

That’s why I love traveling.

I love being connected with other cultures.

And so I find that when I am away from home, it is nice to be able to do that.

When I first moved to the States, my family was very different from where I grew up in Ghana.

I lived with my grandparents, who were African, and my cousins.

And I didn’t have much contact with my parents or my extended family.

My extended family were all my relatives, and they were like my brothers and sisters.

They were my family.

But the way I was raised, it was very much my family that was the primary source of meaning.

I went to school with my cousins, and there were no other African students in the school.

And we were not allowed to play together.

We were not even allowed to speak.

I was always the only black kid in the class, and when I was older, they began to change the rules, to make it a little different.

We could go outside the school grounds and walk around, and if we needed to speak, we would do so in front of the school, and we would say, “Thank you.”

I remember my grandfather telling me, “When you’re old enough, you’ll get used to it.”

And I think he was right.

And then, a couple of years later, my cousin and I were playing basketball in our neighborhood.

And my cousin was standing in front.

And he was like, “Look, you know, my grandpa was a basketball player.

And your grandfather was a player.

So, he’s the best.”

And my grandfather looked at him and said, “You’re a good player.”

And then he pointed to my cousin, who was next to me.

And she was the next-best basketball player in the neighborhood.

We both just started playing basketball.

And when we were at a tournament, my grandfather told me, like, to just take my shirt off.

And as soon as I did, he put it on me.

It was like an embrace.

And I remember it was really weird.

My grandparents were not my best friends.

My mother and I had to spend hours together, every day, just talking.

And that was weird.

I mean, I was a kid.

And they were my best friend.

But we were also my parents, my brothers, and so I had these people that I loved.

I had a lot of family there, and a lot more people that loved me than I did.

But when I went to my parents’ house and my grandparents were out, I couldn’t even see them.

And suddenly, I could see them and everything that they had, but there was nothing.

And now I had no connection to them.

So when I got to America, I went back to Ghana.

My family was all my cousins and my relatives.

And even though I was my own age, I saw my grandparents as my siblings.

I felt like I was part of a big family.

And if I had had any of my own, I would have gone back to my family, because they were very good to me, I think.

I wanted to be a part of their lives, so I started going back.

And after that, I found myself going back to all of my relatives in Ghana, because my cousins were not going to go anywhere.

For me, when I go back to Africa, it feels like a very big part of my identity, because I feel that I am part of the culture.

I have to make sure that I don’t go back.

But it’s also a big part to my health.

When you’re in Ghana and you are in constant physical contact with people, there’s a huge difference.

You can feel the difference.

And sometimes you can feel like you are part of something bigger