I’m taking a look at the top-grossing travel destinations in Mexico, according to Travelocity

Travelocity says that Mexico is the top destination for travelers worldwide for 2017, with more than 5.5 million travelers from the United States and Canada living there.

However, the site has only recently started tracking travelers from other countries, and the numbers are far from clear.

For instance, it says that there are more than 1.7 million Mexican visitors who have visited the United Kingdom and Spain in 2017, but not Mexico.

For example, the website’s data shows that there is only one U.K. and two Spanish visitors, while Mexico is home to nearly 100,000 U.S. and Canadian travelers.

And the website doesn’t say how many Mexican travelers are living in the United states.

(The figures it cites don’t count the number of U.N. and European Union nationals living in Mexico.)

For more: http://travelocity.com/travel-destinations/mexico/travelers-top-gross-destination-mexicos-nations/travels/travel_expo_us_travelers_travel_destinations.html#ixzz4LfK4KwUjC#.

UgQzKgVqQ6b2s It’s unclear how many of those Mexican visitors are coming for tourism, as the website has only just begun tracking travelers.

But if you look at what Travelocity does say, it’s clear that many of them are coming to Mexico for the same reason they have in the U.C.S., namely, to stay longer than they can in the states.

According to the site, over 4.5 billion people visited Mexico in 2016, making it the second-most visited country in the world, after China.

The country was also the top foreign destination for visitors in 2017.

The average stay in Mexico for a foreign tourist is more than three months, according the website.

(There’s also the issue of how long travelers stay in a country, and how much money they pay to visit.)

Travelocity also says that Mexicans pay an average of $2,898 for a one-way trip from their home country to Mexico, while U.U.S.-bound flights cost $2.29 and $3.28, respectively.

(That’s more than double the average price in the top 10 most expensive countries in the survey.)

Travelers from China, Australia, and Europe pay more, as do travelers from China and Russia.

That makes it clear that Mexico isn’t the cheapest destination for foreign tourists, but the most expensive, according Travelocity.

And there’s some evidence that Mexicans who have a job, a home, or a family are spending more than they’re making in the States, according a new study by The Associated Press.

(Travelocity says it doesn’t provide data on foreign workers.)

And while the data doesn’t show how many Mexicans are living overseas, some data suggests that some foreign visitors are spending money in the country.

According the data collected by Travelocity, travelers from Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Spain, and Sweden spent $4,700 in Mexico in 2017 alone.

The AP also found that Americans and Australians were spending the most, with $1,300, $8,700, and $9,900, respectively, for stays in Mexico.

(Those figures don’t include travelers from India, where Travelocity reports there are roughly 10 million people living there.)

There’s also a number of studies that indicate that Mexicans are spending less in the rest of the world than Americans.

For a look: http:/ / www.usatoday.com / travel / foreign-travel-in-americas-survey-shows-migrants-are-doing-less-world-traveling-australia-travelers/2016/05/17/a6e38ebf-e7f7-4d1d-9f8c-c8f8f0cc4c7c_story.html