How to get travel makeup bags from India to UK and Europe

The Travel Industry Federation (TIF) is calling for the UK and EU to ban cosmetics brands that offer the luxury travel makeup product “CSAs” (cosmetic travel vouchers) from the market.

The TIF said CSAs were sold in India for around Rs 2,000 each, but in the UK, they were sold for Rs 6,000.

They were marketed by brands like Glam Affinity, CVS and Ulta.

It added that “there is no legitimate use for these CSAs” in the EU and the UK.

The TIF called on UK and European authorities to ban CSAs in the country, adding that the products were being marketed as “luxury travel cosmetics”.

In February, it was reported that British authorities had ordered cosmetic cosmetics maker L’Oreal to stop selling the CSAs.

L’Oron said it would review the decision and would “consider its options” if necessary.CSAs were popular items that had been popularised in the US in the 1980s and 1990s, but they have since become a less popular luxury item in the West, as a result of concerns about pollution, allergies and health risks.

The travel industry is lobbying for tougher regulation.