How to Get Around the Travel Restrictions for California’s Casitas

This article is an excerpt from Casitas: How to Travel Around the World in 90 Days or Less.

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Casitas is the story of a traveling salesman from California named “Jack.”

He travels around the world on his private boat, Casitas, with his girlfriend, Kate.

They are traveling with an old friend, a woman named “Caroline” who has been staying with Jack since she was a child.

Jack’s goal is to help Caroline get out of a bad situation, but he soon realizes that Caroline is not a good person.

Jack must get her to help him with a problem he doesn’t understand.

Jack learns a lot about the world and about himself in his short time in the boat.

He is also taught a lot of basic life lessons about the people and places around him.

As a result, he is not exactly the most popular person in the world.

His new girlfriend, Caroline, and Jack have trouble getting along.

Written by Ryan P. Johnson