TSA to begin using drones to inspect passengers in security checks

Vermont, Vermont, officials plan to use drones to scan passengers as they pass through security checkpoints, the Vermont Public Radio station reported.

The state has a policy that requires all passengers traveling on the Vermont Tollway to present a TSA-approved boarding pass before boarding the plane, and the VTOP is trying to use a drone to check passenger luggage, according to the report.

The VTOP says it plans to use the drone to inspect luggage for items that might be suspicious, such as drugs, drugs paraphernalia, explosives, and other items deemed too dangerous to be carried by the individual.

Vermont Public RADIO reporter Mark Z. Walker reported that the VTFPs security checkpoint manager said the agency is looking to use “unmanned aircraft to inspect the contents of baggage,” and that they’ll use “low-cost drones.”

He said the drone would be attached to a drone-equipped car that would then scan the passengers’ bags.

The drone could also be attached “on the front bumper of the car,” the VTAP reported.

TSA officials did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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