Why travel is surging again

Travelers are getting back on the road, according to a new report from Travelers Inc., which tracks travel industry trends.

The travel advisory company found that the number of travel workers in the U.S. rose by 2.5 million in the last fiscal year, and the number who used their own travel agency rose by 17.3 million.

That’s the second straight year that the numbers have been climbing.

Last year, the number increased by 3.6 million.

Travelers Inc. chief executive officer and co-founder Mike O’Leary said the surge in travelers and their use of travel agencies is a sign of the times.

We’re seeing a lot of growth among travelers who have access to travel agencies, said O’Connor.

“There are now more people in the travel industry who are actually booking travel through their own agency.”

The growth has led to more demand for travel agents, O’Loughlin said.

But the growth has also meant fewer agents are available to provide those services.

The number of travelers who use their own agencies has decreased.

And the number using travel agencies has declined, too.

But travel agencies have seen a decline in travel demand over the past few years.

Travel agents, however, are continuing to grow in their market, and O’Reilly said that could be good news for the industry.