What the internet says about Oliver’s travel trailers

Oliver, a star of the new Netflix show The Handmaid’s Tale, traveled to Wisconsin last week for a trailer for his new movie, Gulliver Travels.

Oliver’s trailer is the first in a series of films that will be distributed across the United States.

“In Wisconsin, the film industry is very much alive,” Oliver told the Associated Press, speaking from his home in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“It’s very much like the movie industry in Milwaukee.”

Oliver told the AP that he would use his travel trailer to promote his upcoming film, Golliver Travels, which opens in theaters April 10.

He did not specify which film he was referring to.

The first trailer was released in November 2016 and it featured footage from Gollivers travel to South Africa and Canada in 2015.

In the trailer, Oliver talks about how he feels about the “toxic” relationship between the media and its audience.

In his first movie, Oliver was able to raise more than $100 million through crowd-funding on Indiegogo.

Golliver travels follows a fictional fictional writer and his wife, who travel across North America and Europe to visit their grandchildren.

He writes about the trials and tribulations of travel.

Oliver said that his family will not be traveling with him.

“We are not going to be travelling,” Oliver said.

He said he would be traveling on a private jet to avoid media scrutiny.

The trailer also featured clips from the upcoming movie, The Handmaiden.

Oliver spoke to the Associated Newswire about his new film and his experience filming Gollivans film.

“The Handmaid’s Tale is a really important story, and I’m very proud of it,” Oliver joked.

“I’m very excited about it.

It’s a really exciting story.”

Olivers film, which is being distributed by Universal Pictures, features the same cast as Golliving’s previous film, Oliver’s Wife, which premiered in 2016.

It stars Emily Blunt, Michael Shannon, James Marsden, and Sam Worthington.

The trailer featured footage of the characters and locations, and Oliver said the film will have a “more realistic feel.”

The trailer is expected to be released on May 3.