What to know about the travel advisory for Maryland and Maryland counties

Maryland has issued a travel advisory in the wake of the deadly wildfire that ravaged the state on Tuesday.

The advisory, which applies to the entire state, says anyone traveling to and from Maryland should expect “high” fuel costs, especially during winter.

Maryland’s governor, Larry Hogan, issued the order on Wednesday afternoon, hours after Maryland Fire and Emergency Management Chief Mike Smith issued an advisory that warned residents to take precautions to minimize the risk of heat stroke.

Smith said the advisories were being sent out because the state has “an abundance of water, food, fuel, and fuel-efficient vehicles.”

The governor’s office said the state’s fuel economy index is expected to be up to 36mpg during the weekend, up from 31mpg in mid-January.

The Maryland Air National Guard said on Twitter that it is working with local authorities to help residents adjust to the high fuel prices.

The National Guard is providing fuel to those in need and is coordinating with other agencies, it said.

In Maryland, the state is also ordering motorists to make sure their vehicles have enough gas to travel.

The governor’s spokesman, Ben Smith, told the Baltimore Sun that the governor’s order was issued in conjunction with the state Highway Patrol.

Smith said that Maryland is “working with all stakeholders” to ensure the state can safely handle the wildfire’s effects.

This article has been updated to include a statement from the governor.