How to become a tourist in China?

The Chinese government has issued a new travel guidance that states, “If you are a tourist, you must make sure that you have a reliable source of income and a good accommodation to stay in”. 

The Chinese government is not saying whether or not the guidance is in effect.

According to a translation of the advice, “the government of China will issue a circular to all hotels and hostels, advising them to inform the authorities of any guests who have been invited to stay at their hotel”.

The government is saying that “guests must be prepared to show a reliable income source, a good lodging accommodation, and be able to provide reliable social security information”.

“If the guest fails to fulfill these requirements, the government will take appropriate action,” it added.

The travel advice was published on Tuesday and comes after a series of public complaints in China about a string of deaths of Chinese nationals in a string the country’s tourism industry.

More than 30 Chinese nationals have died in a series or related incidents since March 1st, according to the Chinese government, with many of the deaths attributed to pollution and under-reporting of deaths in the tourism industry by Chinese authorities.

Chinese authorities are trying to curb the use of air-conditioned rooms and hot water in hotels.

A spokesperson for the Tourism Bureau of China said in a statement: “The government has always taken measures to safeguard the safety of tourists and ensure that guests do not suffer any harm during their stay at hotels.

We are also continuously looking into ways to improve safety of guests and tourists in hotels, and make sure they are safe in their accommodation.”

According for example, the bureau has launched an anti-death-row system, which allows the authorities to take measures to prevent a death in a hotel room. 

“We will take all necessary measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of guests at hotels and in their surroundings, including through measures that take into account the social and health status of the guests, and the situation in hotels and surrounding areas,” the bureau said.

“Our measures will be applied by the hotel, hotel hostel, and hotel staff as appropriate.

We will also take appropriate steps to help the guests and the hotel staff who are involved in the death process.”

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