Kayak travel guide for the Irish tourist hotspot

Travellers who love the beautiful beaches and green spaces of the Irish Sea can expect to see more of the same this summer as Kayak Travelers introduces its first guide to Ireland’s tourist hotspots.

The guide, titled Ireland: The Wild Coast, is available in Irish, English and Spanish.

It includes maps and advice on how to find and book accommodation in the country, with advice on what to do if you are stranded on the island.

Kayak Travel says the guide will be available for purchase online on Friday, and it will be in print by the end of July.

The company has already been inundated with inquiries from travellers from all over the world about the guide.

“We wanted to ensure that we had the information we needed to provide the best possible information for our customers to make an informed choice,” Kayak’s director of travel, Peter Cairns, said.

“It was important that we provided an extensive and useful guide that would not only help our customers find the best travel experiences, but also help them get the most out of their journey by providing tips and advice for all aspects of their trip.”

The Irish tourist season has been going on for several months, with tourists from across the globe travelling to the islands.

The UK’s Channel Islands are one of the most popular spots for the summer months.

Kayak is planning to launch the guide online in June.