Travel restrictions across Maui have been lifted, Maui Air says

A day after the Maui International Airport (MIA) said it had lifted travel restrictions on all of its routes, Mauair said it was moving forward with plans to expand its service and expand its footprint.

The airline announced the plans Thursday in a news release, citing new data from its aviation industry research firm, which showed a drop in airline traffic for the past month.

In a statement to the Mauis Daily Times, MauAir CEO Bill Gildersleeve said the airline had been able to meet its goal of providing “an alternative to the congested airport environment, with fewer flights on our routes, and an opportunity to bring in additional customers and expand our existing business.”

“We believe our expansion and growth opportunities will continue to grow and that we are currently in a position to continue to serve Maui residents and visitors,” Gilder said.

Mauair said the agency will continue its pilot program that provides additional capacity on the airline’s service.

The Maui Airport Authority (MAA) said in a statement that its expansion and expansion plans will “continue to grow as Maui continues to diversify its operations and continue to be a global leader in aviation.”MAA spokeswoman Melissa Laffan said the expansion will involve Mauair adding more charter flights to the company’s fleet and expanding the airline to provide additional service to the island’s major tourist attractions.

“This expansion will allow us to bring more customers and more travelers to the airport to connect to Maui, and it will provide Maui with a new and unique way to serve our residents and travelers,” she said.

Gilderslee said the Mauair expansion is part of a strategy to “add more service to Mauai,” adding that the expansion of its charter service is one of several initiatives the airline plans to undertake.MAA is the authority that owns and operates the airport, and the Maua Air operator is the one that flies the planes that fly from the airport.MUA President and CEO John Nunn said in the statement that Mauair plans to “continue its partnership with the Mauas National Parks and Air National Guard.”

“Maua Air will continue our efforts to support the national parks and air force, and continue providing our customers and visitors with reliable, affordable air travel services,” he said.