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  • What the internet says about Oliver’s travel trailers

    Oliver, a star of the new Netflix show The Handmaid’s Tale, traveled to Wisconsin last week for a trailer for his new movie, Gulliver Travels.Oliver’s trailer is the first in a series of films that will be distributed across the United States.“In Wisconsin, the film industry is very much alive,” Oliver told the Associated Press, […]

  • How to travel safely on the internet at the start of the year

    Travel stop.It’s the most common question that comes up during our annual trip through the UK.There are a number of reasons why it can be difficult to find a reliable travel stop: what is the weather like?Are the stations crowded?Do you have to take your phone and your bag?How do you find the nearest train […]

  • What to do if you think you may have traveled to N.J. on a non-medical trip

    Travelers are advised to be cautious and to report any suspicious activity to authorities.The Associated Press reports that the State Department’s travel advisory states that travelers who plan to travel to the United States “should be especially careful about traveling alone at night, particularly during peak travel times.”There are also guidelines for those who plan […]

  • Mass. travel restrictions are hurting a good cause

    A few years ago, a young American man from New Jersey was trying to make his way home to California, only to be stopped at the border by a customs agent.He said the officer told him he could not leave the country.A year later, he was stopped again and told he could leave the United […]

  • Which Thai travel restrictions are in place?

    Travel restrictions have been imposed in Thailand, and many travellers are reporting difficulty getting in or out of the country.Some travel restrictions have already been lifted, while others have not.Thailand has some of the strictest travel restrictions in the world, and you can check the current list of travel restrictions here.Thai Airways says flights from […]

  • US travel restrictions to be eased as coronavirus cases fall in US

    The US is planning to ease travel restrictions in some areas of the country after coronaviruses fell in the US.The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it would begin issuing visas to residents and visitors from certain countries. “We have been working hard to reduce travel restrictions, particularly in the areas of high risk […]

  • How to get out of the heat and heat waves in California

    California is experiencing a record number of heat waves and heat advisories, but the state has been hit especially hard by the record number.As of Saturday, the state had more than 6,000 heat advisences issued for June and 7,000 advisories issued for July, according to data from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.It […]

  • How to Avoid a ‘Google Vacation’ to Japan

    The best and the worst of Google’s search and content marketing strategies.Read moreWhat is Google Vacation?Google Vacations are vacations for corporate executives, employees, and their families.Google Vacations offer a few perks including a free pizza and other perks, and a chance to visit one of Google Ventures headquarters, Google’s HQ, or the Google campus.But in […]

  • Greece to ban ‘frightening’ travel insurance coverage for tourists

    Greece has ordered all its citizens to undergo mandatory safety and health checks, amid fears the travel industry is vulnerable to terrorism and the Zika virus.The new measures are a response to a spate of deadly attacks in the country, including a series of attacks in November that killed 20 tourists.Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras […]