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  • How to Avoid a ‘Google Vacation’ to Japan

    The best and the worst of Google’s search and content marketing strategies.Read moreWhat is Google Vacation?Google Vacations are vacations for corporate executives, employees, and their families.Google Vacations offer a few perks including a free pizza and other perks, and a chance to visit one of Google Ventures headquarters, Google’s HQ, or the Google campus.But in […]

  • Greece to ban ‘frightening’ travel insurance coverage for tourists

    Greece has ordered all its citizens to undergo mandatory safety and health checks, amid fears the travel industry is vulnerable to terrorism and the Zika virus.The new measures are a response to a spate of deadly attacks in the country, including a series of attacks in November that killed 20 tourists.Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras […]

  • How to get travel makeup bags from India to UK and Europe

    The Travel Industry Federation (TIF) is calling for the UK and EU to ban cosmetics brands that offer the luxury travel makeup product “CSAs” (cosmetic travel vouchers) from the market.The TIF said CSAs were sold in India for around Rs 2,000 each, but in the UK, they were sold for Rs 6,000.They were marketed by […]

  • How to travel across India without a visa

    India’s travel restrictions are causing many to travel abroad without a permit.The country has been cracking down on travel across the country for several months now, forcing people to travel through cities that have not been designated as a high-security zone.The rules are meant to ensure safety and security for the country’s travelers.However, many people […]

  • How to use the Chase travel form in Mexico

    The Chase travel guide includes information about Mexico, including what the government is banning and what people can do if they are detained at the border.There is also information about the United States, including how to get to your destination.The Chase travel website also has information about how to apply for a visa.The website lists […]

  • How to stay safe at covid-travel restrictions

    Travelers from the United States, Canada, and other countries who travel to Mexico on or after Sept. 1 are subject to new restrictions.Travelers from Mexico to the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Singapore, and Thailand are also being advised to make a stopover in the country.“Travelers must ensure they are in possession of […]